Vacant, dilapidated, and blighted homes are not only eyesores, they can also adversely impact an entire community. Restoring these homes with PRE’s proven methods offers any community the right long-term solution for these problems.


PRE has successfully participated in, and continues to participate in, programs that promote neighbourhood initiative.We have considerable experience in the purchase, re-sale, leasing and licensed, code-compliant renovation of properties at every level.


To date, we have helped numerous communities restore homes in jobs ranging from the simple to the complex. This work has encompassed everything from light renovation composed of routine repairs and maintenance to complete property renovations consisting of roofing, HVAC, flooring, plumbing and electrical, as well as complete kitchen and bathroom overhauls.

With a dedicated in-house staff and a top-notch contractor network, we are able to take on several dozen concurrent projects and complete each one on time without delaying any others.


Once completed, our properties become first-class real estate again. Afterward, we sell them to qualified third-party homeowners — not investors — at prices that are consistently top of market. And when circumstances permit, we also work with existing homeowners and tenants so that they can continue living in their properties.

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